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Stone façades are a durable, attractive, yet economical alternative to solid stone construction. Virtually indistinguishable from solid stone, K&T Stoneworks façades give your home a striking, solid look at a fraction of the cost of solid stone. Choose your façade from a wide variety of stone types, colors, and patterns--from classic Mediterranean to rustic provincial. Our façades are suitable for new construction and many restoration projects.

Natural Stone vs. Cast Stone?
Stone makes a statement that just can't be matched by other building materials. Our stone façades can be designed and built using natural stone or cast stone. Both cast and natural stone make for a beautiful product and each material has its own benefits. Natural stone façades are built using limestone, sandstone, granite or other materials. Cast stone façades are made from manufactured materials.

Cast stone façades may also be called faux stone façades or fake stone façades. While these terms may apply, a faux or fake stone façade looks anything but artificial. The cast stone process produces a beautiful product that is generally more durable than a natural stone façade and a better value.

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Please browse through our photo gallery of architectural products to view images of some of our façades. When you are ready to speak with a K & T expert, contact us here or call us at 561-798-8486.

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